Sunkissed English Springer Spaniel and Cardigan Corgi Breeders


Cardigan Corgi Photos:

Blue with his best buddy

Best Friends



Conan in the Blue Bonnets  Conan in the Blue Bonnets

Photos by Deedee Smith Brauer, Austin, Texas

Conan romping in the Texas blue bonnets!


Bonnie Blue Survant

Delaney & Olive

May 2014



Bonnie Blue Survant

Merry Christmas!

"Bonnie Blue Survant"

December 2011



Eukanuba Meet The Breeds: Kali & Tristan

Kali & Tristan were the ambassadors in Meet The Breeds at Eukanuba.

It was a 'ruff' day for the little guys.

December 2011








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